about us

Paragon Consulting Services understands the needs of clients and the relationship between companies and sub-contractors. Paragon Consulting Services is an established Vendor Management provider with over twelve years of experience.


You may ask, “What is Vendor Management?”

Often times large companies deal with many different suppliers and vendors. Vendor management takes the confusion away by allowing the organization to deal with one point of contact. Paragon Consulting Services provides the point of contact between your organization and all your sub contracting firms. This relationship offers you:


    • A single, experienced point of contact that interacts with your vendors
    • Access to our superior Vendor Management Software which provides complete and customizable reports for invoicing, billing, consultant on-boarding and much more!
    • Bill rate standardization and management
    • Consolidated and efficient invoicing
So why Paragon Consulting Services?


    • Proven twelve year track record of success managing contractors and dealing with large organizations
    • Precise and accurate needs assessment and recommendations for current consultant management
    • Experienced and available email response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!



  6407-A Brass Bucket Court - Gaithersburg, MD 20882 • t: 301- 947- 9177 • f: 301- 947- 3276 • info@paragon-services.com